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Pet Scenes

Cats Love PetScenes.comPet Scenes® is a personalized product line, custom created and designed by Dencin Consulting, out of love for our animal companions.  Our pets are family members and the light of our life, and because they so deeply enrich our lives with their unconditional love and joy, we were inspired to create the unique art that is Pet Scenes®

What makes Pet Scenes
® so unique and different? What sets us apart from everyone else?

  • Pet Scenes® does not just duplicate your pet’s photograph onto a product. We take your pet out of that ordinary photograph, so the focus is on YOUR pet.
  • Your pet is not left sitting on that couch or just laying on the floor. YOUR pet is put into a beautiful scene, so they become a stunning work of art.
  • We do not overlook photograph problems such as ‘red eye’ or ‘alien eyes’. We correct these problems and enhance your pet.
  • All of Pet Scenes® artwork is custom created using special UV inks and a unique printing process that allows the color to be permanently embedded in your product fabrics and tiles. This unique process keeps your colors vibrant and long lasting, so your artwork will never fade, crack or peel.

Pet Scenes® offers over 50 personalized products, all custom created and feature the most wonderful pet in the world…YOURS.

All of our unique products feature YOUR pet in stunning scenes, and include:

  • Home and Office products
  • Framed Tiles and Trivets
  • Apparel items and Tote bags
  • Coffee Mugs and Coaster sets
  • Wall Sconces and Leash/Key Holders
  • Keepsake Boxes
  • Personalized Collars and Leashes in dazzling color designs
  • And Much, Much More!

Every Pet Scenes® gift is individually created with special care and attention to detail, because that is what your pet deserves.  When you’re looking for that perfect gift, we hope you will think of Pet Scenes®!  We look forward to creating something special for you.
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